What (Young) Women Need to Know: HPV and Cervical Cancer

What (Young) Women Need to Know: HPV and Cervical Cancer

Screening methods and the HPV vaccine can help protect against some of the most common types of HPV and the health problems that the virus can cause. The Pap test or “Pap smear” looks for cell changes in the cervix that may lead to cervical cancer, while the HPV test looks for the virus that causes these cell changes. The HPV vaccine can protect girls and young women from two of the types of HPV that can cause cervical cancer.

Only through widespread use of a vaccine and screening may cervical cancer be eliminated. If either you or someone you know is between the ages of 9 and 26, consult your health professional to decide if the HPV vaccine is an appropriate choice. All women should be screened using the most up-to-date and effective technologies available.

What Women Need to Know encourages women to take their health into their own hands, learn the facts and spread the word. The program presents facts concerning HPV and cervical cancer, how to effectively educate others about becoming a responsible patient, and about the specific technologies, available both in the U.S. and Israel, to help prevent cervical cancer.

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To learn more about What Women Need to Know and other Women’s Health programs, contact womenshealth@hadassah.org or visit www.hadassah.org/womenshealth




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