BECAUSE OF YOU AND HADASSAH…Emma, Daniel and David Learn to Succeed at Youth Aliyah

Emma, Daniel and David Learn to Succeed at Youth Aliyah


Emma* joined Haddasah Neurim in the 9th grade, with low grades at school. Despite her efforts to do her homework and prepare for exams, she did not receive good grades. The school staff considered her to be a mediocre student, and it was even suggested to move her to special education. At the end of 9th grade, Emma took the didactic exam. To everyone’s surprise, the diagnosis indicated that she had above average abilities.

Emma was referred for a neurological assessment, and which revealed that she suffered from a disability which made it hard for her to focus on her studies.

Thanks to the testing, and diagnosis, Emma's scholastic accomplishments improved dramatically. From a withdrawn,  and sad girl, riddled with frustration, she became a young girl with a twinkle in her eye, good grades and self confidence. The counselor said that in a discussion she had held with her, Emma said: “all these years I knew something was wrong. Everyone thought I was backward but I knew I wasn’t. It is only due to the diagnosis that the teachers and I realized that I can learn, but that I have a concentration problem.”


Daniel* is a 10th grade student, who joined Ramat Hadassah in 2008-9. The school reported that he is a smart boy, who answers correctly in class, but avoids reading and writing, and does not take exams.

Eventually, the staff learned that he has severe reading and writing disabilities. For years, he had managed to hide this difficulty at school.

Following the didactic diagnosis, the staff showed Daniel, by means of the high marks he got in the intelligence test, just how bright he is. The staff helped strengthen his self confidence, explained to him about his learning disabilities, and offered him assistance. The staff recommended he take oral exams, and for the first time in his life - he received high marks in school. Daniel became a different person: his self esteem improved dramatically, as did his social life. He could finally realize his abilities and make a mark for himself in the world.


David*, a 17 year old student at Hadassah Neurim, describes the program's impact:

"I attended school in my home town for 8 years, with another 40 kids and one home teacher. The teacher told my parents that I have learning disabilities, but I was never diagnosed. When I arrived at Hadassah Neurim, I joined a class with another 13 kids. One year later I was diagnosed. Last summer I did my matriculation exam with more time at my disposal, and with the questions being read to me by an assistant. I got 75 as the final grade! This, for me, was a HUGE achievement. Before the didactic diagnosis I would never have dreamt to even try passing my matriculation. Now all the doors have opened up for me. "

For more information contact Barbara Spack or visit Youth Aliyah/Children at Risk on the web

* Names and certain facts may have been changed to protect the anonymity of minors


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