Hadassah and The Jewish National Fund: A Fruitful Parnership

Hadassah and The Jewish National Fund:
A Fruitful Parnership

Hadassah’s dedication to the preservation of Israel’s nature and environment is rooted in Hadassah’s partnership with the Jewish National Fund. In 1926, our then national president willingly accepted a visionary program to raise a large share of funds for JNF work. Since that time, Hadassah has remained in the forefront of American Zionist organizations that participate in the land redemption, and other programs.

Hadassah members have planted millions of trees in the form of gardens, groves and forests; we have established recreational areas, playgrounds, and important projects in key security areas. Hadassah has consistently been acknowledged as JNF’s single largest organizational contributor, while Hadassah is grateful that this relationship allows us to reaffirm our Zionist mission as we share in the development of the land of Israel.

In the most recent past, Hadassah gifted the people of Israel with the construction of two dams in the Negev, to catch and store rainwater, which is crucial for Israel’s development of productive land. Hadassah was the first and only organization to actively respond to Israel’s critical water crisis, with a $3 million gift that provided the Tirza Reservoir in the Jordan Valley, where properly stored water and rain floodwaters make agricultural growth possible in the Jordan Valley.

The presentation of a vitally needed fire truck for the citizens of northern Israel, and the establishment of at least two Hadassah forests of the future, are the latest gifts made by the members of Hadassah toward the work of the Jewish National Fund in Israel.

Hadassah members have contributed millions of dollars during our 84-year partnership, and this association has been one of commitment, devotion, and deep trust. 

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