Hadassah Doctors Save Mother and Twins with Rare High-risk Surgery

January 25, 2010

Hadassah Doctors Save Mother and Twins with Rare High-risk Surgery

A team of 15 Hadassah physicians successfully delivered heterotopic twin girls to a Cypriot mother on January 21, 2010. One twin was growing inside, and one outside the uterus. This is believed to be only the second time in medical history that this surgery has been successful, saving the lives of both mother and babies.

At 28 weeks pregnant, the mother discovered she had two fetuses—one inside and one outside her uterus. Her life was at stake, and Hadassah was called to help.

The first dilemma was how to bring the woman from Cyprus to Israel. Her condition, and bad weather, made the short flight risky. A team that included anesthesiologist Dr. Sheldon Stohl and ER nurse Arkadi Saevich flew to Cyprus on a specially equipped air ambulance and brought the woman and her husband to Hadassah in Jerusalem.

For two days, the case was the focus of discussion among specialists and experts from a variety of medical areas: gynecologists Prof. Neri Laufer, Chairman of Hadassah's Department of OBGYN, and Dr. Avi Ben-Shoshan; vascular surgeon Prof. Chaim Aner; general surgeon Dr. Alon Pikarski; Chief Vascular & Interventional Radiologist Prof. Allan Bloom; Dr. Michael Nadjari, Director of the Ultrasound unit in the department of OBGYN, and Prof. Moshe Gomori director of the MRI unit. The physicians studied the only similar case they found in the medical literature, studied the medical condition of the patient, and discussed various options based on the imaging tests. In the operating room they were joined by senior anesthesiologists Prof. Yoram Weiss, Dr. Yehuda Ginosar, Dr. Carolyn Weiniger, and Dr. Sheldon Stohl; vascular surgeon Dr. Ina Akupnick; gynecologist Dr. Moshira Aboodia; neonatologists Dr. Smadar Eventov and Dr. Noa Ofek-Shlomai; pediatrician Dr. Mordechai Slae; urologist Dr. Vladimir Utkin; and by OR nurses Yulia Lerman, Oriana Hassan, Shuli Brosh, Tzippi Menachem and Ibrahim Al-Chatib.

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Bringing acutely ill patients from other countries is not new to Hadassah. When local doctors in the area are ready to give up on a patient, they often call Hadassah. The air ambulance service is coordinated by Prof. David Linton, Director of the Internal Medicine ICU, who is a pilot as well as an expert in critical care medicine.

On the same day the pregnant woman was brought to Hadassah, two other Cypriots arrived on separate air ambulances, each escorted by a Hadassah physician and a Hadassah nurse. A woman with severe heart disease, who was mistakenly diagnosed by a Cypriot physician and was near death, was treated in Jerusalem and is recovering. A man with throat cancer underwent a dramatic operation by Dr. Jeffrey Weinberger from the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat, and is now recovering


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