Meet Two Hadassah College Graduates

Einat*, Graduate Optometry, Class of 2000

Einat, a 2000 graduate of Optometry now is a lecturer at Hadassah Academic College in the Optometry Department. She received her MSc and PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the field of visual perception. Her work at the College includes teaching a variety of courses, coordination of the final projects for undergraduate students and supervision of graduate students in their master’s thesis. Einat, a native of Haifa but now a Jerusalemite, was always interested in the study of vision and after completing army service as an officer, she chose to study Optometry at the College. Today, she not only practices optometry, and teaches at the College, she also continues her research on keratoconus, defining its prevalence in Israel and the relevant risk factors. Screening is being done in the Jerusalem area in both Jewish and Arab populations in order to define genetic and/or environmental factors relating to the disease.

Shay*, Graduate Biotechnology, Class of 2008

Shay is a budding young scientist who graduated Hadassah Academic College in 2008. He began his studies at the College on the fall of 2004 in the then new Biotechnology program. During the course of his studies Shay had to contend with medical problems and at the end of his senior year he went through a difficult surgical procedure. However, throughout his studies Shay excelled and was awarded merit scholarships and financial aid. At the College, he was active in the student union and spent time mentoring fellow students. With exceptional scientific abilities and perseverance, he is currently in the PhD program at Hebrew University researching cancer therapy using oncolytic viruses.


* Names and certain facts may have been changed to protect the anonymity of minors


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