Tower Construction Update: Major Milestone Reached

This month, construction on the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Tower at Hadassah Ein Kerem reaches a major milestone with the completion of the entire skeleton of the building.

To date, more than 300 construction workers have clocked more than 1.5 million man hours building the Tower, which is the largest building project in Jerusalem. Construction of the Tower continues around the clock. Currently, about half the aluminum work and almost a third of the Jerusalem stone facing has been placed on the building. Traditionally, Jerusalem stone has been attached to buildings with mortar and cement. The Hadassah construction crew is using a new method that attaches each piece of stone to the wall mechanically.

Two bridges connecting the Tower to other areas of the Ein Kerem campus have been installed. One bridge connects the Tower to the new parking area; a second bridge extends from the Tower's second floor to the adjacent Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center.

Inside, on Lower Level 4 (the Surgical Center), preparation for laying floors is underway and thermal insulation is being installed on the walls. On Lower Level 3 (the Anesthesiology Administration and Education Floor), the concrete sub-floor is finished and the walls are being plastered. On Lower Level 2 (a logistics floor that contains the loading dock, supply department offices, essential infrastructure for the building and internal systems that connect the Tower to the other campus buildings), all of the generators and electrical systems have been installed. The loading dock has been completed. Work is now being done on the offices, and the ceramic tile floors are being installed.

On the Entrance Floor, the stonework is being installed and the walls are being painted. Work on Ben-Gurion Square is almost finished and the Square will be open to traffic in the next few weeks. Standing in the square, the aluminum supports for the glass dome of the Art Rotunda are now visible.

Jerusalem stone facing

Bridge to the Charlotte R. Bloomberg Mother and Child Center

Dome of the Art Rotunda


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